Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Another Personal Mystery Solved: Baseball Scoops

I wrote before about how the internet allows me to understand some cards that I collected back in the day and didn't have any information about.  Here is another such card:
1961 Nu-Card Baseball Scoops card, "Umpires Clear White Sox Bench."
Nu-Card Baseball Scoops apparently were a set of 80 cards, numbered 401-480, each featuring a notable story on a newspaper-style card.  Mine, number 436, declares, "Umpires Clear White Sox Bench."  The back of the card explains:

The back of Baseball Scoops Card #436.
So, the umpires threw out the bench, and the White Sox had to finish the game with the players who were currently playing.  An odd occurence, but not the biggest deal.  Some of the cards from the set feature star players like Gehrig, Mantle, Kaline, or Aaron.  Not this one, though, which is why I probably ended up with it.  Anyway, it's good to know a little more about the card after all these years.


  1. A baseball card which actually features no baseball players - how gloriously quirky!

  2. I guess you could say the subject is the absence of baseball players. It is different, for sure.