Monday, September 18, 2017

Discards: 1980 Rollie Fingers, Some Warped 1987 Topps, and Some Shoeboxes

I posted earlier about some cards I chose to throw away when I organized my collection recently.  Only a few other cards met this fate, and they are featured in this post.

1980 Topps Rollie Fingers.
This 1980 Topps Rollie Fingers card is, I hope, the card in the worst condition that was in my collection.  It is missing a piece of the photo, as a swath has been scratched out somehow.  I don't mind multiple creases and damaged corners and all that, but mising a part of the photo is too much for me.  I have older cards of Fingers (like the 1973 Topps with the A's and the 1977 Topps with the Padres) in better shape, and I have another of this same card in better shape.  This card is in the trash now.

Ten damaged 1987 Topps cards.
These 1987 Topps cards, ten in all, are in the trash as well.  Just considering 1987 Topps, I have over 2000 cards.  Somehow, these 10 cards became badly warped.  The regular cards aren't of players I care about collecting, and the Turn Back the Clock cards are just Turn Back the Clock cards.  So it isn't too hard to say goodbye to these.

The same 1987 Topps cards, where the damage is more evident.
From this side-view photo, the damage can be seen better.  I don't know what happened to cause them to be warped like this, but this is the way I found them when organizing the collection.

Old shoeboxes and an old, empty wax box.
In organizing my collection, I have also discarded my old methods of storage, which were mainly thin paperboard boxes -- either shoeboxes, or empty wax and cello boxes.  I liked the shoeboxes because a typical box could hold about 1000 cards.  The wax boxes were convenient, if I bought and opened up a wax box, most of the cards would just be stored in that box afterwards.  But I got rid of all these (the ones pictured and many more), and upgraded to some plastic boxes sold by the Container Store.  The plastic boxes only hold about 800 cards each, and I have 27 of them in use now, holding about 2/3 of my collection.  With only a few exceptions other 1/3 of my cards are either in my two binders, or in complete set boxes, or are in unopened packs.  The old system had its charm, but the new system is more suited for storage in the basement of our new house.

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