Friday, September 1, 2017

From My Collection: Hank Aaron on League Leader Cards

I always liked League Leader cards, as part of the regular Topps set.  (I posted before about how I also liked the glossy mini Topps League Leaders.)  There are a few great features to me -- getting a feel for who the best players were for years that were before my time, getting cards with multiple great players at once, and also having a more affordable way to get a card of some of these players.  The price of most regular Hank Aaron cards was out of reach to me when I originally collected, so these were a way to represent him in my collection.  I managed to pick up these two, from 1968 and 1972.
1968 Topps card of 1967 NL RBI leaders.
1972 Topps card of 1971 NL home run leaders.

Of course, being a Pirates fan, it's a huge plus for me that Clemente and Stargell are featured on these, too; nothing against Orlando Cepeda or Lee May, of course.  One downside, though, to the 1968 card is that I really strongly prefer cards which give his name as Roberto Clemente, not Bob.

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