Saturday, September 30, 2017

From My Collection: Mackanin, Hurdle, Searage in 1982

I was looking through my pre-1987 Topps recently, and noticed something in my 1982 Topps:  I saw the current managers for the Phillies and Pirates, and the pitching coach for the Pirates.  Then, last night (Sept. 29), the Phillies fired manager Pete Mackanin.  It turns out I also had a 1982 Donruss of Mackanin.  In honor of his (brief) tenure as manager, here they are:
1982 Topps Pete Mackanin.
1982 Donruss Pete Mackanin.
These should be his last cards, since his playing career ended in 1981.  Mackanin says that next year, wins and losses will matter for the Phillies.  It's disappointing to know that they haven't mattered this year, but I guess the Phils are at the extreme depths of rebuilding.

Clint Hurdle's contract was recently extended as manager of the Pirates.  I don't know pitching coach Ray Searage's status, but I imagine he'll continue for a long time.  It's hard to be optimistic as a Pirates fan, I think; in a perfect world, some of the best players would return for next year, and stay healthy, and they would add some pitching. 
1982 Topps Clint Hurdle.
1982 Topps Ray Searage.
Wikipedia says that Searage went 1-0 with the Mets, and as a batter, went 1-for-1, giving him a 1.000 winning percentage and a 1.000 batting average.  His career record was 11-13.  Hurdle played for the Royals, Reds, Mets, and Cardinals between 1977 and 1987, finishing with a .259 career average.  On Facebook, when the Pirates post, there are a lot of calls to get rid of Hurdle in the comments.  I like Hurdle fine and don't think replacing him would make much difference -- the Pirates need to spend more money on pitching, and try to stay healthy.

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