Monday, October 30, 2017

From My Collection: Some Odd Doubles and Triples

Other than the stars I intentionally acquired, I don't have a lot of pre-1978 cards in my collection.  So, I think it's funny that I ended up with doubles of a couple of players.  Even for 1978-1980, I don't have so many cards, but I still have triples of a couple of players.
Two 1973 Chuck Taylor cards.
According to the front of the card, Chuck Taylor was a pitcher for the Brewers.  Other than seeing this card, I never heard of him.  Looking him up, I see that he pitched 1969-1976, with the Cardinals, Mets, Brewers (briefly!) and Expos.  He pitched almost exclusively in relief; of his 305 career games, only 21 were starts.  His career record is 28-20 with 31 saves and a 3.07 ERA in 607.0 career innings.  He was with the Brewers only at the end of the 1972 season, pitching 5 games with them. 
Two 1974 Mario Guerrero cards.
In addition to these two Mario Guerrero cards, I know I've seen him elsewhere in my collection.  Apart from a few cards, though, I don't know anything about him.  Let me look him up.... He played 1973-1980, but this isn't his rookie card since he appeared on a 1973 Rookie Shortstops card.  After two years with the Red Sox, he spent time with the Cardinals, Angels, and A's.  His career average was .257, with 7 home runs in the majors, 170 RBI, and 578 hits. 
Three 1978 Charlie Moore cards.
Charlie Moore was a long-time Brewers' catcher, playing with them from 1973-1986.  He also played with the Blue Jays in 1987 before retiring.  He played a variety of other positions with the Brewers, and finished well in some defensive categories as a right fielder some years.  His career batting stats are a .261 average, with 1052 hits, 36 home runs, and 408 RBI.
Three 1980 Richie Zisk cards.
I already had two of these 1980 Richie Zisk cards, and then when I recently opened two packs of 1980 Topps, I got a third one.  In this picture, they're arranged in order of condition, with my oldest version with many creases on the left, and the fresh-from-the-pack version on the right.  Zisk first appeared in the majors in 1971 with the Pirates, but wasn't on their postseason roster as their championship year.  He stayed with the Pirates through 1976.  He was traded to the White Sox in part for Goose Gossage, and in his one year with the White Sox, hit 30 home runs with 101 RBI and made the AL All-Star team.  He signed with the Rangers and was an AL All-Star again in 1978.  He was traded to the Mariners in 1981, winning the AL Comeback Player of the Year award, before retiring in 1983.

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