Tuesday, October 24, 2017

No Longer Unopened in My Collection: 3 Packs of 1982 Fleer (Part 1 of 2)

Last month, I opened up two packs of 1980 Topps that I had in my collection.  This month, I decided to open up the three packs of 1982 Fleer I was holding.  I'm only posting some of the cards, the ones I find most interesting, and there's a bunch of them, so I'm breaking this up into two posts.
Dave Winfield, Dennis Eckersley, and Gaylord Perry.
When I opened up the two packs of 1980 Topps, I got two Hall-of-Famers, Carl Yastrzemski and Mike Schmidt.  When I opened these three packs of 1982 Fleer, I got three Hall-of-Famers, Dave Winfield, Dennis Eckersley, and Gaylord Perry.  Perhaps we can conclude that on average, one gets one Hall-of-Famer per pack from cards of that era.  Anyway, I added the Winfield and the Eckersley to my binder.  I already had the Perry in my binder, although my old one was in rough condition. 
Gary Matthews, John Denny, and Ivan DeJesus.
Other than the Hall-of-Famers, the cards I am highlighting in this post are mostly of interest because of connections to the Phillies.  Gary Matthews, John Denny, and Ivan DeJesus were all part of their 1983 pennant-winning team.  Denny even won the Cy Young that year.
Randy Lerch, Dick Ruthven, and George Vukovich.
Going a little further back in Phillies history, we have Randy Lerch, Dick Ruthven, and George Vukovich, who were all with the 1980 World Series-winning Phillies.  Vukovich played in 4 games in the NLCS in 1980, but didn't appear in the World Series. Ruthven was in the starting rotation in 1980, making 33 starts and going 17-10 with a 3.55 ERA.  Lerch pitched in 30 games with the Phils, making 22 starts, with an impressively bad record for a World Champion, going 4-14 with a 5.16 ERA.  Lerch didn't appear in the postseason in 1980.
Rich Gale of the Royals.
Finally, I include this card of Rich Gale, pitcher for the Royals.  Gale was on the other side in the 1980 World Series against the Phillies, being the losing pitcher for Game 6, when the Phillies clinched the championship.  He was no longer with them for the Royals' 1985 World Series win -- he was playing in Japan by then.  In addition to the connection to the 1980 World Series, I am also highlighting this card because I like the view of the Coca-Cola billboard in the outfield.

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