Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Recent Acquisitions: First New Candelaria Cards Arrive

I posted before about my plan to form a more in-depth collection for one of my all-time favorite players, John Candelaria.  I posted the cards already in my binder, and said that I ordered 19 more; these were 5 from one place, and 14 from another place.  The first 5 have arrived, and here they are: three from Kellogg's, one from Hostess, and his SSPC card.
John Candelaria on Kellogg's cards.
Candelaria appeared on 3 Kellogg's cards, 1977-1979.
John Candelaria on a 1976 Hostess card.
He also appeared on four Hostess cards.  This is the 1976.  He is also on cards in their 1977 and 1978 sets, which are in my other order.  I didn't find a 1979 to order.  The picture here appears to be the same picture from his 1978 Topps ERA Leaders card.
Candelaria from the 1976 SSPC set.
I also got his 1976 SSPC card.  I like batting cards of pitchers, which don't turn up too often, relatively speaking.  This is my first SSPC card; I mentioned before in the blog that I don't remember ever knowing that this set existed.  Rather than purchase a complete set (which does appear to be affordable), I think I'll just get a few select SSPC cards.

I couldn't be happier with these acquisitions.  I'll post again for the next order (13 more cards and 1 sticker).  These five are all really from his prime years with Pittsburgh, when he was throwing a no-hitter, leading the league in ERA, and winning the World Series.  YouTube has the very end of his no-hitter:

He stayed with the Pirates for a while after those best years, but the remaining cards I ordered are almost all from his time afterwards, with the Angels, Mets, Yankees, Dodgers, and Expos.

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