Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sets in My Collection: 1990 Colla Collection Jose Canseco

Today we present the Colla Collection "Limited Edition Set" of Jose Canseco.  I gather that Colla was a sports photographer who wanted to get in on the lucrative baseball card market, so he put out some cards of specific players.  I went for it once, with this Jose Canseco boxed set. 
The Colla Collection Jose Canseco set box.
I was a fan of those A's teams with (off the top of my head) Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Dave Stewart, Dave Parker, Dave Henderson, Terry Steinbach, Walt Weiss, Dennis Eckersley, Storm Davis, Bob Welch, and Carney Lansford,  I didn't have perfect information at the time.  I think it's clear now that any achievements Canseco had are tainted by steroids, and he's a terrible person, too, but I didn't know any of that back then. 
Jose Canseco holding his bat.
There are a number of him standing around holding his bat.
Jose Canseco swinging.
There are a few of him swinging the bat.
Jose Canseco running.
Canseco was also good at running, having become the first to achieve the 40-40 club in 1988.

Even though I'm sure it didn't cost much, I regret buying this set.  I don't think this regret was attained over time, but was more or less instantaneous on opening the package.  It takes more than good photographs to make good cards.  Even if they're not great as cards, though, looking at these -- for the first time since about when I bought them around 1990 -- does take me back to those days when card shows and shops were plentiful, and the A's, as well as my Pirates, were contenders.

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