Thursday, November 9, 2017

Leo Durocher in my Collection

I have one good card of Leo Durocher, a 1968 Topps card of him as Cubs manager.
1968 Topps Leo Durocher.
My first memory of Leo Durocher is from a Beverly Hillbillies episode.  I thought it was a Brady Bunch episode, but it turns out I was mixing things up.  The Brady Bunch episode had Don Drysdale.  I remember clearly someone calling him "Mr. Durocher."  It must have been Jethro.
Durocher, of course, was a longtime manager, including managing the New York Giants to their 1954 World Series win, but also with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cubs, and Astros.
Hygrade All-Time Greats Leo Durocher.
I also have this Hygrade All-Time Greats card of Durocher, highlighting his time as a player.  I have a stack of these cards in good condition, and I really can't imagine where I got them.  Durocher played 1925-1945, with the Yankees, Reds, Cardinals, and Dodgers, ending with a career .247 average.
Dover reprint of a 1933 Goudey Durocher.
Reprint back.
Finally, I have this reprint of a 1933 Goudey of Durocher.  It's a Dover reprint, and I assume the Dover here is the publisher of inexpensive paperbacks.  You can see perforation marks around the edge of the card, which reinforces the idea that these were published as a book.  When I was a kid a neighbor had a bunch of reprints, and we would trade cards frequently.  This Durocher reprint is the only reprint I can find in my collection, which surprises me somewhat -- maybe I didn't trade for as many of them as I thought, or maybe some got thrown away over the years.


  1. Leo also made a cameo in the Munsters - he must have been a hot commodity in 60's television!

  2. That's great -- I don't remember the Munsters episode, although I did watch a lot of reruns when I was a kid. I bet the gag was the same -- Jethro can throw really hard, and Herman probably can, too.

  3. also Mr.Ed 1963 season 4 episode 1 a classic!

    1. I'll try to check out the Mr. Ed, if it's on YouTube.