Saturday, December 30, 2017

Oversized in My Collection: 1990 Phillies Team-Issued Photo Cards

Continuing my Saturday series on oversized cards, today I'm featuring some from the 1990 Phillies team-issued set.  In a later post I'll show some of the cards of active players, but right now, I'm showing some others.  To start, we have cards commemorating the 4 retired numbers at that time.
Robin Roberts.
Richie Ashburn.
Robin Roberts was in the Hall of Fame already, and the local sentiment was definitely that Richie Ashburn belonged in the Hall, too.  When Dad and I started going to Phillies games, those were the only retired numbers.  Grover Cleveland Alexander and Chuck Klein are honored in a similar way, but didn't have numbers per se to retire.
Steve Carlton.
Mike Schmidt.
Then, of course, Steve Carlton and Mike Schmidt both retired.  And of course the Phils retired their numbers.  Dad and I went to both number retirement games; we could only get nosebleed seats for both games, but we were there.  The number retirement commemorative programs for each of them are gems of my memorabilia collection.
The Phillie Phanatic.
As I said once before, it's great to have a couple cards of the Phanatic.  Maybe I'll try to get a regular-sized card of him to go in the binder, since these oversized ones are all I have of him.
Schmidt and Maddox as broadcasters, with some other broadcaster in the middle.
The Phillies team-issued set also includes cards of the broadcasters.  This card has the Prism broadcasters; Prism was a cable pay station (like HBO), but local to Philly.  In addition to showing movies like HBO did, they also covered local events like Phillies games, and whatever might be going on at the local arena, the Spectrum.  We never subscribed to Prism, so I never saw this broadcasting team.  Of course, the reason this card is of interest is that 2/3 of the broadcasting team are Phillies greats, Mike Schmidt and Garry Maddox.  Not sure who the guy in the middle is, but I could find out by looking at the back of the card.
Chris Wheeler, Andy Musser, the great Harry Kalas, and Richie Ashburn.
Since we watched Phillies games broadcast over the air, this card shows our usual broadcasters, Chris Wheeler, Andy Musser, Harry Kalas, and Richie Ashburn himself.  The greatest of these is Harry Kalas, who locally was the voice of the Phillies (enshrined at Cooperstown as winner of the Ford C. Frick award), and known all over as the voice of NFL films.  After Kalas died, when I was riding the train into Philly for work one day, I spotted a bit of graffiti on a highway overpass, "Harry Kalas lives forever."  Indeed.

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  1. Just an FYI: The guy in the middle is Jim Barniak. As I remember, he was a respected sportswriter for one of the area papers. (I didnt see Prism too often either, but Barniak seemed pretty solid as a broadcaster.