Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Recent Acquisitions for My Player Collections: Baines, Murray, Stargell

This past month, I picked up two Harold Baines cards, one Eddie Murray, and one Willie Stargell.  I got them all pretty cheaply from COMC.  The Murray and Stargell are both Kellogg's cards, and the two of Baines are from specialized sets from the 80s.  Let's start with Harold Baines:
1987 Donruss Opening Day Harold Baines.
I really don't think I was aware of the 1987 Donruss Opening Day set at the time.  I love the idea, and I think if I had known about it, I would have picked it up.  Instead, now, I am just getting a few cards from the set of favorite players, like Baines.
1990 Hills Hit Men Harold Baines.
I was never inside a Hills store, but I have seen them from the outside.  We didn't have them in Delaware where I grew up, but I went to college in Pittsburgh, and I have seen a Hills store there.  Reading on wikipedia, I see that they were bought by Ames (which we did have in Delaware) shortly before Ames went out of business.  I like owning this card to have another Baines card in my player collection, and to honor the defunct retailer Hills, but my favorite thing about the card is the back:
1990 Hills Hit Men Harold Baines card back.
The back of the card works you through the math problem of figuring out Harold's total bases and slugging percentage.  Fortunately, the card is not written on -- chances are in 1990 that everyone was viewing the cards, even from one of these typical boxed sets, as an investment to be kept pristine.
1980 Kellogg's Eddie Murray.
When I made a list of players to develop deeper collections for, Eddie Murray was one of the last players I added.  So, this is my first recent acquisition for my Murray player collection.  I'm always happy to have more Kellogg's cards.
1980 Kellogg's Willie Stargell.
I also picked up the 1980 Kellogg's Willie Stargell.  Last month, I had picked up the 1981 Kellogg's Stargell.  It's interesting to me how the dimensions of the cards kept changing; the 1981 is much bigger.  I'll be picking up more Kellogg's Stargells in the future, venturing back into the 70s.

Those are all my acquisitions of these three for this month.  I picked up many more this month of Brett, Henderson, and Schmidt, which will be featured in future posts.

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