Friday, December 15, 2017

Recent Acquisitions for My Player Collections: Mike Schmidt

I recently picked up more Mike Schmidt cards for my player collection, mostly from COMC, but one or two came from eBay.
Meadow Gold Mike Schmidt.
I wasn't familiar with Meadow Gold before, but looking them up, I see they're a dairy, and cards used to come with milk or ice cream or something.  You can find two varieties for sale, blank back or stat back.  The stat back version, obviously, has stats on the back; mine is a blank back.  It makes no difference to me -- the binder this will be in has cards doubled up, so I won't typically see the back, and there are plenty of other places to find Schmidt's stats if I'm so inclined.  One interesting point about this card is the Beatrice name at the bottom; I remember around the time of the 1984 summer Olympics, lots of commercials started including a tag/jingle, "We're Beatrice."  They were a conglomerate that people hadn't really heard of, and they wanted to assert themselves and have people notice how many different products they made, I guess.  It didn't last long.  You can search for "We're Beatrice" on YouTube and find some of the old commercials.
1989 Topps UK Mike Schmidt.
1989 Topps UK Mike Schmidt.
I posted before about the 1988 Topps UK set, and how I bought it through the mail at some point back in the day.  I really liked the design of those cards, and wished there was a whole regular-sized set like them.  I didn't know until rejoining the collecting world this year that there was also a 1989 Topps UK set, so this Schmidt is my first from that set.  The design is boxy and unattractive, unfortunately, although the backs changed little from 1988.  The faux autograph on the back, interestingly, appears to be from Mike Scott, not Mike Schmidt.
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Mike Schmidt and M&M's Mike Schmidt.
I never had any cards from either of these sets, Quaker Chewy Granola Bars or M&M's, until just recently.  Like the Meadow Gold and the Topps UK card above, these feature head shots of Mike.  For the M&M's, I guess they brought Mike into the studio for a shoot.  For the Quaker card, it looks like they caught him at an away game.
1985 Fleer Limited Edition boxed set Schmidt and 1986 Fleer Schmidt-in-Action.
Not all my recent Schmidt acquisitions are head shots, though.  While I have a number of 1980s boxed sets, the 1985 Fleer Limited Edition set isn't one of them; in this card, it looks like Schmidt is hanging around while an opponent takes batting practice.  I like that the design of this card foreshadows the 1990 Fleer design, which I liked better than some of their other designs from that time period.  The Schmidt-in-Action card from 1986 Fleer gives four nice shots of his swing.
1986 and 1987 Fleer Baseball's Best Sluggers vs. Pitchers cards of Mike Schmidt.
Another couple of boxed sets I don't have are the Fleer Baseball's Best Sluggers vs. Pitchers.  I do have a few cards from those sets, but until now I didn't have Schmidt.  Here we have his 1986 and 1987 cards, on-deck in a road uniform in 1986, and taking batting practice in a home uniform in 1987.

There are already more Schmidts on their way to me, but for now, that is it for recent Schmidt acquisitions.

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