Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year, Blog Note, and Favorite 2017 Card

Happy New Year!  Let's hope that some good things happen in 2018.  If we stick to just baseball, that means, for me, hoping that the Pirates keep McCutchen, stay healthy, and continue to develop their pitching.

Now, a note about the blog.  I said before, in my 100th post, that I don't think I can maintain my pace of daily posting without running out of material.  When I started this blog in August, I set a goal for myself of daily posts for 3 months.  When 3 months came and went, I didn't want to slow down, and decided to keep posting daily for a bit longer.  I made it through the end of 2017, but now I think it's time to shift down a bit.  Starting tomorrow, I'll be posting 4 times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

As long as I'm talking about the blog itself, let me say that I so appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read.   I started this blog to record stories about the baseball cards that I loved as a kid, and since then I've also discovered the joy of using internet commerce to round out my collection.  I love sharing both my old stories and cards and my new additions, and I've enjoyed discovering all the other card blogs that are out there (and have been out there for years).  It's very gratifying to  participate in the conversation, to be a part of a community of cardbloggers, and to know that there are people out there listening.

Now, since this is indeed a card blog, I think I should have a card in each post.  So I thought I would add my favorite card of 2017, as other cardbloggers have been doing.  That's a bit hard for me, though, since I don't focus on modern cards.  I have a very small number of cards (only 17, I think) that are post-1994.
2017 Donruss Paul Goldschmidt.
Of those 17 are 12 2017 Donruss cards that I bought at a dollar store recently.  This Goldschmidt is easily my favorite, for a personal reason -- from the back of this card, I learned that Goldy was born in Delaware (like me).

So, that's it for 2017.  Again, Happy New Year, and thanks for reading.  The new posting schedule starts tomorrow.


  1. When I started out, I tried to post every single day as well and quickly burnt out. I've found that posting when I want and only when I feel inspired has created a much more enjoyable experience.

    Looking forward to more of your writing in 2018!

  2. I’m with Tony, post when and what you want. I also tried posting daily and many times two a day when I was doing my dime box posts. It’s just too much and became a “job.”

    I love your posts. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t stress over how often you post!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Tony and Kin.

  4. New follower here, thanks to P-Town Tom's contest. I burnt out on my blog and am trying to come back strong for 2018.

  5. I'm writing my round up of the favorite cards of the year and just now got to your post. Welcome to the blogs. Sorry I just found you now.
    Hopefully my round up will bring you a few more readers. Keep up the good work!