Wednesday, March 21, 2018

1990 Topps Minis #4: Roger Clemens

Today we're at #4 in the 1990 Topps Mini League Leaders set.  The cards go in alphabetical order by team in each league, and then alphabetical by player.  So we had two Baltimore Orioles, and then on to Boston, starting with Boggs.  Card #4, then, is Roger Clemens.
Roger Clemens.
Not much needs to be said about Roger Clemens, I think, so I'll say something about his cards.  When I started collecting cards seriously in 1987, I did have some cards from prior years, including a handful from 1986.  I was just learning who the good players were, when a friend saw my 1986 Topps Roger Clemens and asked if I was willing to trade it.  I think I checked the back and saw that it wasn't a rookie card, and then I said I was fine trading it.  I don't remember what I got in exchange, but I soon regretted the trade when I found out Clemens was a big star.  I did pick up a couple more 1986 Topps Roger Clemens cards here and there later on. 
Roger Clemens card back.
Clemens earned his way into the league leaders set by being second in the AL in strikeouts in 1989 with 230.  Maybe he wasn't juicing yet, so perhaps he came by those strikeouts honestly.

Up next (on Monday): Nick Esasky, also of the Red Sox.  Thanks for reading!

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