Sunday, March 18, 2018

Recent Acquisitions: Candelaria and McCutchen Autographs

I'm from before the time when card companies got the cards autographed for you.  I was perhaps still collecting when Upper Deck did "find the Reggie," which I guess started the autographs-in-packs phenomenon, but no one really expected to get an autographed card from a pack.
2014 Leaf Memories Buy Back Autograph 1987 John Candelaria.
So, now that I'm collecting again, I thought I'd take advantage of the new reality to get an autograph of an old favorite.  There are a handful of Candelaria autographs available on eBay or COMC, and I chose this 1987 Leaf/2014 Buy Back since it's actually a card from my time.  I might go after another Candelaria auto, since it would be nice to have one where he's pictured with the Pirates.
McCutchen Auto.
Card back.
I posted about this other one once before, when Andrew McCutchen was traded.  It's a 2014 Panini Classics Significant Signatures Materials Silver card.  When I showed it before, I used a COMC image of another card because I had bought but hadn't received mine yet.  I'm not into modern cards -- this makes just 20 cards that I own from post-1994, and one buyback -- but I'm glad to have this one card to commemorate McCutchen's time with the Bucs.

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