Sunday, March 11, 2018

Recent Acqusitions: 5 from 1980 Topps

I posted a while ago about my efforts to putting together a 1980 Topps Pirates team set, in honor of "The Family" winning the World Series.  The cards I posted were the part of the team set I had managed to put together during my original period of collecting; I've now completed the team set, although I haven't posted the remainder yet.  When I added the complete team set to my binder, there were a few spare slots in the new pages, so I decided to fill them out with a few more 1980 Topps.
Willie McCovey.
I looked at the 1980 Topps I had in my binder, and thought of who to add.  Willie McCovey was still kicking around, and he was a natural for one of the spots.  I had his 1976, 1977, and 1978 Topps already in the binder.  The card back shows him with 520 career home runs; he hit one more in 1980, to finish his with 521.
Dave Winfield.
I've said before, Dave Winfield is probably my favorite player for whom I don't have a specific player collection.  I do have his 1974 rookie card with the Padres, but probably not many others of him in San Diego.  This 1980 is a nice addition.
Ozzie Smith.
Similarly to Dave Winfield, I have Ozzie Smith's rookie card with the Padres (in my recently-purchased 1979 Topps complete set), but not many more of him with the Padres.  An early card for such a celebrated player is a great addition.
Nolan Ryan.
I'm not a big Nolan Ryan fan, and it shows in my collection.  I don't think I really have him in my binder until he was with the Astros.  I thought I could add a couple of earlier cards of him, and so now there's this 1980 Topps of him with the Angels.  Of course, he left the Angels after 1979, so this is the latest possible pre-Astros card of him.  Still, it's a start.
Reggie Jackson.
Finally, there's this action shot of Reggie Jackson.  I have a number of Reggie Jackson cards of him with the Yankees and the Angels, but I happen not to have had the 1980 Topps until now.  Reggie Jackson is a focus for my current collecting, but his cards on my wantlist are really from his original run with the A's.  I'm always happy to have more of Reggie, so this card is quite at home in the final spot in the new pages.

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