Thursday, August 16, 2018

Two of John Roseboro

My recent COMC box contained these two cards of John Roseboro.   I posted a while back about Juan Marichal, and John Roseboro naturally came up then.  So I thought I might get some cards of Roseboro.
1958 Topps John Roseboro.
This card becomes the only 1958 Topps card in my collection.  It's his rookie card, as Roseboro debuted in the majors with Brooklyn on June 4, 1957; he played in 35 games that season.  In 1958 he became a regular, playing in 114 games, 104 as the catcher.  He was already planned to be Campenalla's replacement, but became the regular catcher for the Dodgers after Campanella's accident.  The incident with Marichal, in which Marichal beat him with a bat during a game, happened in 1965, and Roseboro played through the 1970 season.
1959 Topps John Roseboro.
Roseboro finished his career with 1,206 hits, 104 home runs, 548 RBI, and a .249 average.  He was a six-time All-Star, won two Gold Gloves at catcher, and helped the Dodgers win three World Series, in 1959, 1963, and 1965.  Roseboro died in 2002.  I've abandonded my idea to collect a 1959 Topps set, but I do still want to have a few of the cards.  This was a good one to pick up because of the story with Marichal, and for his role in those glory years of the Dodgers.

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