Sunday, December 30, 2018

1982 Slurpee Cups Checklist

I just bought this sheet of paper on eBay.  It's supposed to be from 1982 but the seller could, if they wanted to, just be running off copies of it.  I think it really is from 1982, based on what it's like in hand.
1982 7-Eleven Slurpee Cups Checklist.
It's a list of all of the 1982 series of 7-Eleven baseball player Slurpee cups.  I thought about ordering some of the actual cups, but I don't want to store a bunch of cups.  The seller shipped this in a 3-ring page protector, which I can slip into a binder.  Cups would be much harder to store.

This serves a specific purpose of bringing back a small part of my childhood.  There was a 7-Eleven down the street from my house when I was little.  I would have been 6 years old for most of 1982, and I know that I had a Nolan Ryan Slurpee cup at some point.  I had a couple more, too, but I don't remember which players.  But I remember Nolan Ryan specifically because that's how I first heard of Nolan Ryan.  Whoever the other players were, if they were the local heroes Mike Schmidt and Pete Rose, or if they were players I had cards of or had seen play, I had heard of them.  But I remember thinking, who is this Nolan Ryan guy, and why is he on my Slurpee cup?  Later I found out that Nolan Ryan was a big deal, at least as far as strikeouts and no hitters were concerned.

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  1. Seeing the positions written out makes me notice: SIX third basemen out of 20, but no middle infielders at all! Maybe Bobby Grich or Robin Yount over Buddy Bell or Art Howe?

    1. The list is a bit odd. Maybe it was geographically influenced, based on where they had the most stores?