Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Favorite 2018 Card

I think the count of post-1994 cards that I own is about 50.  That's somewhere between one-tenth of one percent and two-tenths of one percent of my collection.  All my modern cards have been acquired in the past 18 months, since I resumed collecting after being on hiatus since 1994.

Of those 50, my number of 2018 cards is 18.  I bought four four-packs of 2018 Donruss at the dollar store, and I bought a Josh Harrison Topps Heritage card from COMC.  My favorite of the 2018 cards I have is this one, Andrew McCutchen from the 2018 Topps flagship Opening Day insert set, also bought from COMC.
2018 Topps Opening Day insert Andrew McCutchen.
It was put out shortly after Cutch was traded to the Giants.  Of the about 50 modern cards I have, three are of McCutchen: this one, a Panini autograph, and a Marketside pizza card.  I've only been watching baseball again (I stopped at the 1994 strike) since 2015, when my son was born.  You could say that I almost perfectly timed that to miss out on the 20 consecutive losing seasons for the Bucs.  I returned in time to see the difference Cutch made to the Pirates, and these three cards are a little tribute to him, and a little nod to modernity, in my collection.

This card also reminds me slightly of a Sean Scully painting, which is a plus.

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  1. Welcome back to the modern collecting world.
    They Cutch is pretty sweet!