Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Missing years, no more

Before I left for college in 1993, I made sure that my main binder, with all my best cards, was organized in a way I was happy with, for it to stay that way forever, basically.  It lasted about 23 years, until I started to update it in 2016.  The binder starts with my favorite Topps cards chronologically, and these are 9-card pages so it only starts with standard-sized cards, i.e. post-1956.  Back then, the oldest card I had there was my 1959 Topps Harmon Killebrew, and after that it jumped to my 1962 Topps Robin Roberts.  Then I had a 1963 Roberts as well, and then a 1965 Juan Marichal.  Then I had all the years after that represented.  In updating, I decided I wanted all the years represented.  I showed a 1958 John Roseboro, and a 1960 Frank Robinson, but that left 1957, 1961, and 1964 to fill in.  So that's what we have today.
1957 Topps Robin Roberts.
Robin Roberts and Richie Ashburn cards, to me, represent my dad.  Dad was an orphan in the 50s and lived in a locally well-known orphange/school in Philadelphia.  They would take him to Phillies games at Connie Mack stadium every now and then, and he was definitely a Phillies fan.  So even though I have a number of Roberts cards already at the front of the binder, I went for one more.  This 1957 fits in condition-wise with a few of the others, as you may be able to see the multiple creases in the scan.
1961 Topps Bob Gibson.
The greatest pitchers of the 1960s are said to be Bob Gibson, Juan Marichal, and Sandy Koufax.  To represent 1961 in the binder, I went with another Gibson card.  (Koufax cards are expensive!)  He's young here, just a couple of years off his 1959 Topps rookie card.  I showed all my Bob Gibson cards once before, and all my Juan Marichal.  My only good Koufax card is the 1967 NL Pitching Leaders card that I showed once.  This Gibson is now my oldest card of him, beating my previous best, the 1969, by several years.
1964 Topps Duke Snider.
I saw a copy of this Duke Snider card on another blog (sorry I don't remember who), and I had to have one for myself.  It works perfectly that Duke can represent 1964 in my binder, as well as representing those very early New York Mets teams.  It's my second good card of Snider, after the 1955 Red Man tobacco card I showed previously.

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  1. Cool trio! I've had the Gibson for a couple of years now, and still love it, as it is the oldest card of his that I have as well. And I got the '64 Snider just a couple of months ago, which is my only card of his.

    1. Thanks -- if you posted the '64 Snider, then it's probably you that gave me the idea. I'm really happy to have all three of these.