Monday, December 24, 2018

Recently Acquired Set: 1986 Burger King All-Pro

I've posted a bunch of 1980s small sets I picked up in the past couple months: 1984 Milton Bradley, 1987 M&M's, 1988 Fantastic Sam's, 1988 Chef Boyardee.  I also bought and posted the 1978 Topps Phillies team set.  I have a few more like this to go, and today we have the 1986 Burger King All-Pro set.  Burger King ditched its prior partner, Topps, and moved on to logo-less MSA cards. 
Glenn Wilson.
Juan Samuel.
The checklist was rather Phillies-centric.  Not sure why.  Were these available nationally?  Or was this a regional issue?  There were only 20 cards, and 4 of them featured the Phillies, with superstars Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton, as well as these two, outfielder Glenn Wilson and second baseman Juan Samuel.  Samuel made a number of smaller sets, but Wilson didn't typically merit such an inclusion.

Kirk Gibson.
Tony Pena.
Then we have a couple of Rust Belt stars, Kirk Gibson, then of the Tigers, and Tony Pena, then of the Bucs.  Gibson was of course just a few years away from being known as a World Series hero.
Cal Ripken, Jr.
Eddie Murray.
Baltimore's awfully close to Philadelphia, so we have a couple more from the Northeast corridor here, with then-future Hall of Famers Cal Ripken, Jr. and Eddie Murray.
Don Mattingly.
Reggie Jackson.
All such sets at the time had to include Don Mattingly.  Then we have an end-of-career Reggie Jackson in batting pose. 
The other 12 cards in the set.
Here we have the rest of the set; in addition to Schmidt and Carlton, there was former Phillie Pete Rose and then-future Phillie Dale Murphy.  The set was rounded out with Dave Winfield, Fernando Valenzuela, Jim Rice, Wade Boggs, Willie McGee, Dwight Gooden, Steve Garvey, and George Brett.

In a sense, that's all of the sets like this that I bought.  Others that I got and will show are of a different character: Burger King team sets and Fleer World Series sets, for instance.  Thanks for reading!

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