Monday, May 13, 2019

I bought some modern cards: 2019 Donruss

For the first time I bought a significant number of modern cards, with some 2019 Topps Series 1 and some 2019 Panini Donruss, all at the local Target.  Here are some of the more unusual Donruss cards I got.
Two shiny pink Aaron Judge cards.
One of the boxes I bought had "pink fireworks" as a selling point, and every pack had at least two shiny pink cards inside.  These two are of Aaron Judge.  The first is in a "nicknames" subset, and the second recalls the old oversized Donruss All-Star cards that I've posted about several times.
Dustin Fowler autograph.
I pulled two autographs, this one in the "Bleachers Inc." series, of A's player Dustin Fowler.  Fowler was with the Yankees for one game in 2017 and played in 69 games with the A's in 2018.  So far in 2019 he's in the minors, at Las Vegas of the Pacific Coast League.
Patrick Wisdom autograph.
My second auto is of the pink fireworks kind, in the "Signature Series" subset, of then-Cardinals player Patrick Wisdom.  Wisdom is with the Rangers this year, but has also been at Nashville of the Pacific Coast League.
Mike Trout and Chris Archer.
Here are a couple more pink shiny cards; Mike Trout in the "Elite Series" and Bucco Chris Archer.  I bought three varieties of Donruss; I don't know all the terminology, but I think one was a hanger pack, one was what you call a Blaster, and one called itself a "Mega Box."  All but the Mega Box had a fair number of Pirates.  Archer here is one of the only Pirates from the Mega Box.
Albert Pujols and Ronald Acuna, Jr.
Here are two very shiny silver cards, both in versions that recall those classic 80s Donruss Highlights and All-Star sets.  These throwback designs are absolutely a reason to buy the cards for me. 
Patriotic variations for Gerrit Cole and Nick Markakis.
Here are some American flag-themed parallels for former Pirate Gerrit Cole and Nick Markakis of Atlanta.
David Bote and Rated Rookie Kyle Tucker.
Here we have some blue shiny parallels, David Bote of Chicago and Kyle Tucker, Rated Rookie of Houston.  Like the Highlights and Action All-Stars, it's good to see that Rated Rookie logo coming out of a pack of cards.
Hunter Renfroe.
Patrick Corbin.
Finally, here is a red shiny parallel of Hunter Renfroe of the Padres.  And I pulled one stamped numbered card, this 1985 retro of Arizona's Patrick Corbin.  I would say that of the regular cards I got, about 1/3 were the 1985 retro design and about 2/3 were the 2019 design.  This one among the 1985-ish cards was numbered.  The front looks just like the others except for the 70/99, but the back is shiny.  I scanned the back but the effect didn't come through, so it's not worth showing I think.

So, of approximately 200 of the 2019 Donruss cards that I now own, these are the ones I wanted to show.  I think I don't fully "get" modern cards, with all the things shining and sparkling, and with photo parallels and name parallels and all that, but this was still fun.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. I don't mind some of the newer sets, but Panini's Donruss is one that I still haven't really figured out. Some of those pink parallels sure are nifty though, they appeal to my liking of shiny things :)