Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Some COMC odds and ends

I recently got my COMC Spring Cleaning box, and almost all of the cards were for either my 1955 Bowman set or my 1972 Topps set.  There were just a few odds and ends otherwise, which I'm mainly showing here.  It's been an incredibly hectic two weeks of work and of family life, so this post is a nice way to start to return to normalcy.
Dick Allen.
First up we have the best player not in the Hall of Fame, Dick Allen.  I don't know all of Allen's cards, but I like his 1974 Topps a bit more than this, except that this has him back with the Phillies.  I work in Philadelphia, and I think I'm going to tack this card to the wall of my office.  Then, since my collection is about 98% pre-1994, I don't think I had any cards of Ichiro, so I wanted to pick up a couple.  And I figured, why not with snowflakes?  Makes as much sense to me as most modern cards.
Francisco Cervelli.
Here's the other Ichiro I picked up, and also a Bucco, Francisco Cervelli, on this year's Heritage.  This Ichiro is the only Archives card I own, as far as I know.  I have a couple other Heritage that I picked up that I've shown before (Chad Kuhl and Josh Harrison).  I'm not sure I understand what's supposed to be different between Heritage and Archives, but this Archives card looks and feels more like a baseball card to me, with the people in the background, and also with the look/texture of the card back (not pictured!).  I don't expect to buy many of either Archives or Heritage in the future, but I guess I prefer Archives, even if I can't really tell what the difference is supposed to be.

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