Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Two of Willie McCovey

As I catch up on acquisitions over the past year+ that I haven't posted yet, today I present two Willie McCovey cards.
1960 Topps Willie McCovey.
Certainly among the ranks of cards that I never would have dreamed of being able to own in the 80s is a Willie McCovey rookie card.  And enough cannot be said about that Topps All-Star Rookie trophy, which looks to me like a few Monopoly pieces glued together or something.  This card is an epic way to introduce the concept of the Topps All-Star Rookie team as well as introducing Willie McCovey.
1964 Topps Willie McCovey.
I posted a while ago about how I had no 1964 Topps cards, and seeing a Duke Snider on another blogger's post, thought that would be a good one to get.  Then later I thought, maybe I should add a second 1964 card.  And I picked McCovey for that second card.  I have a bunch of great McCovey cards but mostly from the 70s, so I'm glad to have another early card of his.
1964 Willie McCovey card back.
The large blank box on the card back caught my eye when I was scanning the front.  Like I said, I only have one other 1964 card, which is the Duke Snider.  And the Duke Snider, being at the end of his career, has so many lines of stats that there's no room for a trivia question.  You're supposed to scratch the box with a coin to get an answer to the trivia question (Who was the Indians batting leader in 1963?).  Does anyone know if these work?  There's no way that I'm going to scratch up my Willie McCovey card back, but if I did want to, would I at least find out that Vic Davalillo batted .292 for Cleveland in 1963?

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  1. Yes, you would. https://images.app.goo.gl/DPurn6btgqvPjEUZ9

  2. It does look like a bunch of Monopoly pieces have been glued together!