Sunday, August 11, 2019

Two more oversized cards

A little while ago, I showed some oversized cards I got in a recent COMC box.  But I forgot a couple, which I had put away in a different place.  So here those other two are.
1991 Pepsi Bobby Bonilla.
This card checks a couple of boxes for me -- I loved watching those early 1990s Pirates division winners, and I love Pepsi and Pepsi products.  But this is a terrible card!  The logo-less uniform and the largely empty stripes at the bottom, and the can of Pepsi being tossed into the glove just don't work.  And the fact that it's oversized seems like an accident -- it's slightly too wide, making it seem like they didn't investigate what the standard baseball card size was before they manufactured them.
1984 Smokey Bear Garry Templeton.
These Smokey Bear cards are always oversized, but maybe not always the same size.  This looks like it's my fourth (and probably last) Smokey card; my previous ones are of John Candelaria, Tony Pena, and Brian Downing.  Candelaria and Pena are two of my favorite players, while Downing and Templeton I like but chose the cards somewhat arbitrarily.

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