Tuesday, September 1, 2020

A few Seattle Pilots

One thing I've done in the past couple of years is that I've gotten some bygone teams into my collection.  I've posted before about buying a few Philadelphia Athletics and a few Colt .45s cards.  Today we have a couple Seattle Pilots.
Pacific Legends Diego Segui.

I didn't think that I had any Seattle Pilots in my original collection (when I was collecting up until 1994), but it turns out that was wrong.  I didn't have any from when the Pilots were actually playing, but I did have this Pacific Legends card of Diego Segui.  I find the Pacific Legends checklist a bit mystifying, with then-current players like Tony Fernandez included, and here Diego Segui, as well as any number of Hall-of-Famers and multi-All-Stars.  Segui does have one notable achievement in being the 1970 AL ERA leader.  Otherwise he had a 92-111 record with a 3.81 ERA from 1962 through 1977.  A decent and long career, but I don't know that I'd call him a legend.

1969 Topps Tommy Davis.

 The Segui card is stored with most of my other Pacific Legends.  Then I bought (a while ago now, but am just blogging about it) a couple of more interesting Seattle Pilots cards.  This Tommy Davis will go in my main binder alongside other cards representing bygone teams.  Davis is the kind of player I love, with a long career with many accomplishments but not necessarily so famous, and not Cooperstown-level.  A good guy to go in the binder for the Pilots.

Kellogg's Tommy Harper.

 Then I got this Tommy Harper to go with an expanded selection of Kellogg's cards I picked up.  I mentioned before I would be showing a bunch of these Kellogg's cards but then I took a blogging hiatus instead.  In any case it's good to have the Pilots represented there.  I did show another Tommy Harper card with the Pilots some time ago, when I picked up a few old Topps Supers:

1970 Topps Super Tommy Harper.

I don't have much more to say about these.  I have just about all the reasonably modern teams in my binder with at least one card.  I say "just about all" because there is a St. Louis Browns card in my COMC shipment that will go in the binder once it arrives, which they tell me will be in October.

That's all for now.  I'll continue to try to catch up on some of my planned posts.  Thanks for reading!

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