Friday, August 25, 2017

Errors in My Collection: 1988 Topps Eddie Murray Record Breaker

I never had many error cards, but these could command big premiums back in the day.  I do have two of the errors from the 1988 Topps set.  This one is Eddie Murray's record breaker card, for switch-hitting home runs in consecutive games.
1988 Topps Eddie Murray Record Breaker Error Card
The error is that it has printed on the front what record Murray broke.  I always found this strange and wondered if the error was created on purpose to generate interest; you couldn't have accidentally placed the text there, but I guess it is possible that it was a step in the design of the card and was supposed to be removed.  These days, it seems that errors like this can't command a premium anymore.  The cards with or without the text box are listed at the same (low) price on ebay, and I'm sure they struggle to find a buyer in any case.

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