Saturday, August 26, 2017

From My Collection: 1971 Topps Bill Buckner Rookie Card

Here we have poor Bill Buckner, only remembered for letting the ball roll through his legs at the crucial moment of the 1986 World Series, prolonging the Curse of the Bambino, as a young man.
1971 Topps Rookie Stars, with Bill Buckner and two others.
Here we have that moment from 1986:
Of course, aside from that moment, Buckner had a very good career, amassing 2,715 hits over 22 seasons.

I hadn't heard of the other two players on the card; it's interesting that they're shown without logos on their caps, which I presume means they hadn't appeared yet for their listed teams.  Looking them up now, I see that Enzo Hernandez played in the majors from 1971-1978, achieving a .224 batting average, and Marty Perez played from 1969-1978, with a .246 batting average.

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