Friday, October 13, 2017

From My Collection: Topps Rub-Downs

I have no idea where I got these 1984 Topps Rub-Downs, except that I must have bought some sort of "grab bag" at a show in the late 80s or early 90s.  I had never heard of these when I bought them, and I think never had seen any except these 4.  I didn't know they were called "Rub-Downs" until searching online about a month ago.  Without further ado, here they are:
A 1984 Topps Rub-Down card.
I've said before that Lance Parrish is appearing way more than I would expect in this blog.  Jack Clark is probably over-represented in my collection, but I think this is his first appearance in the blog.  Hal McRae I remember from the Royals when they played the Phillies in the 1980 World Series, and he won with the Royals a few years later in 1985.  I don't have much memory of Damasco Garcia.
Another 1984 Topps Rub-Down card.
Like Damasco Garcia, I have little memory of Chris Chambliss.  Dwight Evans, though, like Jack Clark, shows up many times in my binder, and is probably over-represented there.  I remember Julio Franco as an All-Star and an excellent hitter, but he played in the AL (which I didn't pay as much attention to) and for teams which didn't really challenge for their divisions.
A third 1984 Topps Rub-Down card.
I remember reading about John Denny; I wasn't paying much attention in 1983 (I was 7 years old), but the Phillies went to the World Series and Denny won the Cy Young.  By the time I paid better attention to baseball in 1987, he was history.  I was a big fan of the late 80s Oakland teams, and Carney Lansford was an integral part of them.  Lou Whitaker of course I remember, and I have read some articles about whether he should be in the Hall of Fame.  Mario Soto I don't know anything about.
My fourth and final 1984 Topps Rub-Down card.
Buddy Bell I remember as a perrenial All-Star; I think I have a Topps Super of him.  I also remember him getting fired as manager, of the Tigers I think, just before the end of the season once.  Lloyd Moseby I think I liked in the 80s, although I don't know why particularly.  I must have read an article about him and had some of his early cards.  Ray Knight featured in my recent post from a 1987 Topps boxed set, Woolworth 1986 Highlights, as he was the World Series MVP.

Overall, I'm sure I ended up with these because someone was getting rid of them because of the lack of marquee stars.

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