Thursday, October 12, 2017

Two more Manny Sanguillen cards

I posted before about Manny Sanguillen, including how he was Roberto Clemente's friend, how he was an integral part of the 1971 World Championship team, and how he contributed to the 1979 World Championship team despite only having one at-bat in the World Series.  I posted the two cards I thought I had of him, his 1973 and 1974 Topps cards, which I'll put here again:

1973 Topps Manny Sanguillen.
1974 Topps Manny Sanguillen.
Looking through some more cards, I found two more of Sanguillen.
1972 Topps card commemorating Game 6 of the 1971 World Series.
I have this 1972 card of the 1971 World Series, and it turns out the Pirates player suspended in midair is Manny Sanguillen.  There's another of these World Series cards featuring him out there.
1990 Pacific Manny Sanguillen.
I also have this 1990 Pacific Legends card of him.  I'm glad they included him in the set.  He certainly had a good run in the 70s; I hadn't realized that he placed highly in the batting race multiple times.  There are multiple Topps Batting Leaders cards from the 70s featuring him (in third place); his lifetime record includes a career .296 batting average, three All-Star appearances, and the two World Series wins.

I've decided two things about my collection goals, partially based on these Sanguillen cards.  I'm going to add Manny Sanguillen to the list of players of whom I am developing deeper player collections.  That list is Willie Stargell, Mike Schmidt, Tony Pena, Dave Parker, John Candelaria, George Brett, George Foster, Eddie Murray, Rickey Henderson, Harold Baines, and now also Manny Sanguillen.  The Candelaria collection -- which I've posted about a few times already -- is basically complete.  For the others, beyond what's already in my collection, I've only bought a few cards each so far, which I'll be posting soon.

Also, there are a few World Series-winning teams which mean something to me: the 1960 Pirates, 1971 Pirates, 1979 Pirates, 1980 Phillies, and 1989 A's.  The 1980 Phillies are already very well represented in my collection, through, for example, the 1980 Burger King Phillies set (subject of one or more future posts) and the 1981 Coca-Cola Phillies set.  I'm going to aim to complete a 1971 Pirates team set and 1979 Pirates team set.  For 1979, I already have about half the cards which I collected in the 80s and 90s.  For the 1960 Pirates, I'm not going for a full set, but will try to get some key Pirates and some key Yankees, as well as the 1961 Topps World Series cards.  For the 1989 A's, the team mattered to me at the time, but in light of all the steroids, I won't be looking to get any more Canseco or McGwire cards.


  1. I'm a big fan of Sanguillen. He actually received 2 votes on the HOF ballot in 1986.

  2. The more I learn about him, the more I like him. That's great, getting votes for the Hall.

  3. I've got player collections of Sanguillen and Foster myself. I met Manny at a show a couple years ago.
    I thought I scanned my Fosters at some point, but don't see them on my blog.
    I can show you what I've got and send you a few extras if I can find them.
    Email me what you have if it's not too cumbersome at QAPLAGCA at yahoo