Friday, November 24, 2017

1991 and 1992 Cracker Jack Cards in My Collection

Cracker Jack toy surprise package, containing a baseball card!
The other day, I posted a Cracker Jack Dwight Gooden card, which was a version of the 1991 Topps Micro cards with a Cracker Jack back.  Today I'm showing more of my 1991 and 1992 Cracker Jack cards, some of which are still in their packages, like the one pictured above.
Back of a Cracker Jack toy surprise package, showing a Benny Santiago card.
The unopened cards I have  don't hold much mystery, as you can see here with this Benny Santiago card.  For all of the unopened packs I have, you can see clearly which card is inside.
Back of a Cracker Jack toy surprise package, showing a Sandy Alomar card.
In 1992, Cracker Jack switched to Donruss cards.  You can still clearly see through the package, in this case to see that the card is of Sandy Alomar.
Ken Griffey, Jr. and Bo Jackson.
The 1990 Topps set is perhaps my least favorite design of all the sets I can think of.  After that, with the gaudy, multi-colored borders, I found the 1991 Topps design to be refreshing.  I liked the 40th anniversary logo in the corner, and the cleaner border than the previous year.
Wes Chamberlain and Chuck Knoblauch.
I think 1992 Donruss is a nice design, too.  The 1990 and 1991 Donruss are pretty forgettable, I think.  To the extent that I'm fond of 1988 and 1989 Donruss, it's really just nostalgia for my childhood, not because they're well-designed cards.  But the bright, light blue on the top and bottom is nice here, I think.
Kirby Puckett.
Kirby Puckett card back.
While the fronts look just like the regular-sized card, there's no way that the regular amount of information would fit on the card backs.  The stats are cut down to just one line plus career totals, and the number of different statistics shown is also fewer.
Ryne Sandberg.
Ryne Sandberg card back (scanned crooked).
The same goes for the Donruss card backs -- there's one year of stats with career totals, for a smaller-than-usual assortment of statistics.  Like with the Topps, the Donruss cards include a Cracker Jack logo on the back.
Will Clark.
Unfortunately, not all of mine arrived in pristine shape.  As you can see in this Will Clark card, a few of my 1991 Topps Cracker Jack cards have some crimping on one edge; I guess it's a production defect.  I don't know if this was common among Topps micro cards, but I got a few like this.

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