Saturday, November 25, 2017

Oversized in My Collection: 1985 Donruss All-Stars

A few weeks ago, I started my Saturday series on oversized cards with the 1984 Donruss All-Stars.  Today I will continue with the 1985 Donruss All-Stars; just as with the 1984 set, I have exactly 5 of them from 1985, and I'll show them all here.
Tony Gwynn.
I love the design of these.  They eliminated the red stripes at the bottom of the 1985 Donruss cards in favor of a grid design.  It couldn't be more 80s.  The geometric design reminds me of Max Headroom, Tron, and the original Cherry Coke cans.

In 1984, Tony Gwynn led the NL in hits with 213 and in batting average with .354, the first time of many he led in these categories.  It was also his first of many All-Star appearances.
Jim Rice.
In 1984, Jim Rice made his 6th (out of 8) All-Star appearance.  He had 122 RBI, which was second in the majors behind teammate Tony Armas, who had 123.
Nolan Ryan.
Nolan Ryan was not an All-Star in 1984, but had 6 All-Star appearances prior to 1984, and 2 after.  In 1984, Ryan went 12-11 with a 3.04 ERA.  I think I had a Slurpee cup of Nolan Ryan in the 80s (looking on eBay, there are some such things from 1982).  I didn't know who he was at the time, but when I looked him up, I don't think I was very impressed.  That was on the basis of things like these numbers -- a 12-11 record doesn't sound that impressive.  But later I found out about the strikeout record, for which he was in competition with Steve Carlton, and all his no-hitters, and his ridiculous longevity in the majors.
Rich "Goose" Gossage.
I have a bunch of Gossage cards, including two 1981 Topps Supers I posted earlier.  I don't have much to say about Gossage, except that it's odd to me that he, Rollie Fingers, and Bruce Sutter are in the Hall of Fame but Lee Smith isn't.
Ron Kittle.
Ron Kittle was, apparently, the 1983 AL Rookie of the Year, and an All-Star in 1983.  He never made the All-Star team again.  He never topped 100 RBI again (he had exactly 100 in 1983).  His career ended after the 1991 season, with a total of 176 HR, 460 RBI, and 648 hits.

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