Thursday, September 20, 2018

Recently acquired unopened 80's Topps odd stuff

At some point in the early 90s, I started keeping some of my collection unopened.  I had an occasional dream back then of someday -- when I had a real job and my own home -- buying unopened cases, putting them away, and just letting them appreciate.  These were the boom years, and judging by what you can find on eBay, a bunch of people did that actual thing back then, but it turns out the cards didn't appreciate.  When I left for college I stopped collecting, and never thought again about the idea of buying cases.  Anyway, this post isn't about unopened cases, but about much smaller stuff, a few odd packs I just bought for the unopened portion of my collection.
1984 and 1985 Topps Rub-Downs.
I posted before that I have a small number of the Topps Rub-Downs, that I have no idea where I got.  I thought I'd augment my Rub-Downs collection, then, with a few unopened packs.  I got a few packs from 1984 and a few from 1985.  In the end, I suppose these aren't very interesting, but they also cost next to nothing.  Maybe when my son gets a bit older (he's 3 years old now), we might open some of these up and apply them to something.
A box of 1987 Topps Mini League Leaders.
I have a soft spot for the Topps Mini League Leaders sets.  I have a lot of the 1986 and 1990 versions, and only a few from 1987, 1988, and 1989.  For me, 1987 Topps is what got me into the hobby, so these wood-grained minis are something I wanted a few more of.  So I just got an unopened box, which I'll leave unopened for now.  Like I said above, maybe at some point my son and I might open some of my old packs.
A pack showing Steve Bedrosian.
A pack showing Wade Boggs.
You can see the player on the front through the wrapping, and here we have a Steve Bedrosian and a Wade Boggs.  Since Boggs played in the AL, I only knew of him by reputation, as a premier hitter and a perennial high-value card.  Steve Bedrosian, though, for a couple of years was a local star.  As the Phillies relief ace, I'm sure I saw him pitch in person a number of times, at some of all those games that Dad and I went to at the Vet.  Bedrosian had 29 saves in 1986, and then led the NL with 40 saves in 1987, winning the Cy Young.  He stayed in Philadelphia through midway in 1989, and went on to be part of the 1991 championship Twins team.

I just placed an order for a bunch more unopened 80s stuff, which should just about wrap up my purchases on that front.  I'll post on it in due course.  Thanks for reading!

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