Wednesday, October 17, 2018

1990 Topps Minis #22: Robin Yount

We continue our march through the 1990 Topps Mini League Leaders set today, with a look at card #22, Robin Yount of the Milwaukee Brewers.
Robin Yount.
Robin Yount wasn't someone that I knew much of as a kid, since he was with Milwaukee.  Living near Philadelphia, AL teams from the Midwest that didn't make the playoffs weren't much of a factor in my baseball world.  But of course when I started seriously collecting cards I got to know more about him since his cards had some value back then.  As a member of the 3000 hit club, Yount made the Hall on the first ballot, although not overwhelmingly -- he made 77.5%, which was enough but wasn't one of these 98% results like fellow 1999 inductees Nolan Ryan and George Brett.
Robin Yount card back.
Robin Yount, superstar that he was, had many paths into this set of card.  He tied for 3rd in runs, placed 4th in batting average with .318 (an average which would have placed him 4th in the majors this year), 4th in hits, tied for fourth in triples, and fifth in doubles with 38. 

Having had a stellar year, it looks like Yount's 1989 AL MVP award, his second, was very well deserved (although runner-up Ruben Sierra had just about as strong a case).

Next up in this series is card #23, Kirby Puckett.  Thanks for reading!

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