Tuesday, October 2, 2018

I bought a few modern cards

I have very few post-1994 cards; I've said this before.  The count is probably about 40, with most of those being 8 4-card packs of recent Donruss from the dollar store.  My collection is probably about 35,000 cards, so the 40 or so modern cards make up a bit more than a tenth of a percent.  I'm winding down this renewed period of collecting, so the total isn't likely to increase much.

So, here are three modern cards that were in my recent COMC box.  They're all Pirates, and this post could be viewed as being in honor of the Bucs scratching out a winning season, with their 82-79 record.  I'm fortunate that my time away from baseball just about completely coincided with their 20 consecutive losing seasons, so I didn't have to see any of that.
Josh Harrison.
I have some specific goals for the modern cards I am picking up.  I've enjoyed watching Josh Harrison play the past couple of years.  He goes out there and really gives his all.  He's probably not going to be a Pirate much longer, so I wanted a card of him in my binder.
Andy Van Slyke.
Andy Van Slyke, Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonilla made up the offensive core of those late 80s/early 90s Bucco teams I watched so faithfully in middle school and high school.  I wanted to get a few autographed cards to help fill up the box my PSA-graded cards go in; the autographs will go in magnetic holders and not be PSA-graded, but these can help to fill up the box.  I'm not interested in any more Bonds cards, and COMC doesn't show any Bonilla autographs.  So I have this Van Slyke to commemorate those teams amongst my autographed cards.
Andrew McCutchen.
When I started posting some of my old food-issued cards, people mentioned the Marketside pizza promotion.  I wasn't collecting then, and didn't even know what Marketside was, but I'm always up for adding a food-issued card to my collection.  I also still appreciate McCutchen's time with the Bucs, and am happy to add another card of him.  Of my about 40 modern cards, three are of Cutch. 

I have a few more modern cards (all autographs) now in my COMC account, which will ship with my Black Friday haul.  I'll show them when the time comes.  Thanks for reading!

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