Wednesday, October 3, 2018

1990 Topps Minis #20: Paul Molitor

We have another installment today of our look at the entire 1990 Topps Mini League Leaders set.  The cards are organized alphabetically by geographic location, first within the AL and then the NL.  So we're about halfway through the AL at this point, with the second of four Milwaukee cards.
Paul Molitor.
Hall-of-Famer Paul Molitor got a lot of notice with his 39-game hitting streak in 1987.  I'm not sure I would have heard much of him otherwise, since he was with the Brewers.  We didn't really follow the AL, and the Brewers never contended for the postseason in the years I was watching.  Of course, it was much harder to make the postseason back then.  In 1987, the year of the streak, the Brewers had a 91-71 record and only finished third.  In current events, Molitor was just fired/promoted; he won't be the manager of the Twins anymore, but might stay in the front office.
Paul Molitor card back.
Molitor, ever the prolific hitter, earned his way into this league leaders set by tying for fifth in the AL in hits in 1989, with 194.  The card back goes on to say that he was in the top ten in batting average, doubles, steals, and at-bats as well.  A fairly typical season, I think, for #10 on the all-time hits list.

Thanks for reading!  Next up is Dan Plesac, and then Robin Yount.

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