Sunday, October 28, 2018

Three 1990 Post Cereal Cards

A few posts ago, I showed my 3 1991 Post Cereal cards.  They did this for a few years, and they came in 3-card packs in boxes of cereal.  So most years back then I got at least 3 cards.  Today I'll show my 3 1990 Post Cereal cards; this was the first year they resumed issuing cards.  I would have pulled all of these from actual boxes of cereal, back in the day.
Jim Abbott.
First up we have Jim Abbott.  I don't know much about Abbott, aside from the main fact most baseball fans know about him.  Looking him up now, I see that he went 87-108 in his 10-year career, with a 4.25 ERA.  His most notable achievement looks like it was pitching a no-hitter in September, 1993.  That was soon after I first arrived at college.  We college kids back then hardly had any access to TV, and the internet barely existed, so I found it hard to keep up with baseball.  Then the strike happened, and I stopped trying to follow baseball at all, for about 20 years.
Pedro Guerrero.
I posted a card of Pedro Guerrero with the Dodgers yesterday.  In his first full year with the Cards in 1989, Guerrero had a career year.  He led the NL in doubles with 42, had a career-high 117 RBI, and made his final of five All-Star appearances.
Mike Scott.
Finally, we have Mike Scott.  I've shown a number of his cards on this blog, and I always say the same thing.  He seemingly miraculously improved from a thoroughly mediocre pitcher to an unhittable pitcher, earning a Cy Young award, an NLCS MVP award, and three All-Star selections.  He was suspected of scuffing the ball at the time, and many years later he admitted it.  There was a lot of scuffing in the majors for a few years, and Mike Scott shows that sometimes cheaters do prosper.

Thanks for reading!  I'll get the other few years of my Post Cereal cards up in the next few weeks.

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