Monday, December 10, 2018

1990 Topps Minis #28: Rickey Henderson

We have another installment of our look at the 1990 Topps Mini League Leaders set, and today we're up to card #28, Rickey Henderson, a personal favorite.
#28, Rickey Henderson.
I've had a number of posts of Henderson cards.  In amongst the cards I had when I was a little kid, cards which lived on my bedroom floor and are very seriously beat up and creased, were a number of Hendersons, including his 1981 Topps card.  In high school I bought a 1980 rookie card off a friend who would rather have the money than the card, to do the kinds of things high school kids enjoy.  When I started seriously watching baseball in 1987 I could tell the A's were going to be big, and hoped I'd get to see a Pirates-A's World Series.  I wasn't so far off for 1990, but the Reds were better than both of them that year.
Rickey Henderson card back.
Surprise, surprise, Rickey led the AL in steals.  He had 77 in 1989.  And another surprise, he was first (tied) in runs, with 113.  And unlike steals and runs, Rickey Henderson is not the all-time leader in walks, but he's one of only four players with more than 2,000 career walks.  So having led the league in walks with 126 is also par for Henderson's course.  He finished 1989 at #3 for on-base percentage with .411.  Another stellar year for Rickey.

Thanks for reading!  Coming up there are four more of the world champion A's, with Carney Lansford next.

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