Sunday, December 9, 2018

Recent Acquisitions: Some 1970 and 1971 Topps Supers

I posted a while ago about a lot of 5 of the 1971 Topps Supers I bought from eBay.  I decided to follow that up with a few more of the 1970 and 1971 Supers, and got these six from COMC.  It's interesting to me that Topps tried the Super concept over and over, with a format change each time.  These circa 1970 versions are thick like the cardboard coasters you get at a bar, while the circa 1980 versions are like pin-up photos, and then the circa 1985 versions are just bigger copies of the cards from the base set.  I like them all in their own ways, I guess, although the circa 1985 versions (there's a post coming up on them) feel cheap in a way that the older ones don't.
1970 Topps Super Roberto Clemente.
1970 Topps Super Willie McCovey.
I did show this Clemente before, in my blogiversary post about recent Clemente acquisitions.  The reason I bought the previous eBay lot of 5 Supers was to get the 1971 Clemente, but I really wanted both the 1970 and the 1971.  I wanted some more 1970 Supers to go with the 1971s, and it's always good to pick up another McCovey, so that's what I did.
1971 Topps Super Nate Colbert.
1970 Topps Super Tommy Harper.
I mentioned Nate Colbert once before on the blog; what I said is that I'm surprised I didn't collect him at least a little in the 80s and 90s.  I was a fan of players I hadn't otherwise heard of who were their teams' all-time home run leaders.  That's how I became interested in Harold Baines and Gorman Thomas.  Baines and Thomas are no longer the career home run leaders for the White Sox and the Brewers, but to this day, Nate Colbert is the Padres all-time home run king.  So I've picked up a couple of cards of him, including this Super.  I've also just recently picked up a few cards from short-lived teams (in a sense), i.e. the Seattle Pilots, the Houston Colt .45s, and the Kansas City A's.  This Tommy Harper Super is one of two Pilots cards I now have.
1970 Topps Super Reggie Jackson.
1971 Topps Super Reggie Jackson.
And then, another thing I've been interested in picking up is cards of young Reggie Jackson.  I have a bunch of 1980s Reggie Jackson, and have a sufficient number of Reggie Jackson with the Yankees.  But young Reggie with the A's was something lacking in my collection.  These two Topps Supers help fill that void.

Thanks for reading!  I think I'm done collecting these early Topps Supers.  I guess I don't have any of the 1969s, but it seems like those are harder to come by.

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  1. Those early '70s Supers are truly unique. I remember the first time I got one, I was stunned by how thick they are.

    I love the early '80s large photos, too -- I will collect those someday.