Friday, December 14, 2018

Enter the Rockies

Today we have a one-card post, and that one card features only a team logo.

I've said many times that I stopped watching baseball after the 1994 strike, until my son was born in 2015.  That statement simplifies reality in a few ways.  One way is that I actually checked out a bit before 1994, and I barely even watched any of the 1993 season.  In 1993, I was graduating from high school, working hard at a summer job so as to have some money in college, and then starting college. 
1992 Donruss Bonus Card #7, Colorado Rockies.
 I had mainly switched over to collecting comics by, probably, mid-1991, but did keep my hand in baseball cards.  So I have a few 1992 cards, and a few 1993, and even a few 1994.  In 1991, a major league expansion to Colorado and Florida was announced, and this was a big deal to me.  My whole life had only so many baseball teams, and now there would be more!  But I wasn't that into cards, actually, anymore.  In any case I happened across this 1992 Donruss Bonus Card, showing the Rockies logo.  And it's been in my binder ever since.  No actual cards of Rockies players are in the binder, but this card announcing the franchise is.  I guess they made the similar card for the Marlins, but I didn't get that one, I got this one.
1992 Donruss Bonus Card #7, card back.
The back tells the story of the Rockies to that point.  I guess they played in the old two-division format in 1993, then started in the three-division format in 1994.  Like I said, I wasn't really watching much of that.  This is ancient history really, but like I said, the idea of adding more teams was really something to me back then.

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