Sunday, December 16, 2018

Three from 1994 Post

Back in the 90s, I got Post Cereal cards directly from Post cereal boxes.  I posted my three 1990 Post cereal cards and also my three 1991 Post cereal cards before.  These came in packs of three, one pack per cereal box, so I have to conclude we bought about one box of Post cereal per year.  Today we have my three 1994 Post cereal cards.
1994 Post Tim Salmon.
Since I quit watching baseball in 1994, I mostly don't know who Tim Salmon is.  Except I did watch the World Series a few years: the Marlins win in 1997, the Diamondbacks in 2001, the Angels in 2002, the Marlins again in 2003, Red Sox in 2004, and the Phillies win in 2008 and their loss in 2009.  And there are two players I remember clearly from that Angels win: Troy Glaus and Tim Salmon.  Salmon hit .346 with 5 RBI in that World Series.
1994 Post Mike Piazza.
And even if I wasn't watching baseball then, I knew who Mike Piazza was.  He was a big celebrity.  I used to get my car serviced at Piazza Honda, which, as far as I can tell, was started by his dad.
1994 Post Tom Glavine.
Then we have Tom Glavine.  I hated those Braves, because they kept my Pirates from winning a pennant.  They had some pitching, that's for sure.

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