Wednesday, January 9, 2019

1990 Topps Minis #36: Cecil Espy

We have another installment today of our look at the 1990 Topps mini league leaders set.  Today has us at card #36, and we're almost through the AL but need to make an extended visit with the Texas Rangers.  While the 1989 Rangers finished 4th in the AL West with a winning 83-79 record, they managed to send 5 players to this Topps mini league leaders set.
#36, Cecil Espy
The first of our five Rangers is centerf ielder Cecil Espy.  I don't really remember Espy even though he spent 1991 and 1992 on the Pirates division-winners that I loved.  Espy debuted in 1983 with the Dodgers, then didn't return to the majors until 1987 with the Rangers.  He was in Texas until the aformentioned stint with the Bucs, and then closed his career with the Reds in 1993.
Cecil Espy card back.
Espy is in this set for placing second in the AL in stolen bases in 1989 with 45.  The card back doesn't mention that he led the league in being caught stealing, with 20 times.  He also tied for 10th place in triples with 7.  Rickey Henderson, of course, was the league leader in steals in 1989 with 77.

Thanks for reading!  Next up is Texas Ranger teammate Julio Franco.

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