Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Van Slyke thanks to Wrigley Wax

Thanks to Paul at Wrigley Wax, I have a new Andy Van Slyke card.  It's a cutout from the May 1992 issue of Sports Card Price Guide Monthly, which was one of the several Krause Publications card magazines of the time.  I don't know that I ever read Sports Card Price Guide Monthly, but I've posted a few other Krause Publications issues that I do have, of Baseball Card Price Guide Monthly, and primarily Baseball Cards magazine.
Andy Van Slyke.
Paul did an outstanding job cutting these out; I decided to leave my issues intact after a certain point, but the first several such issues that I got with cards like this, I did cut them out.  Let's just say that whether it's cutting or coloring, I have trouble keeping to the lines.
Card back.
For these cards that came from the magazines with "Price Guide" in the name (i.e., not Baseball Cards magazine, but the others), these cards function as miniature price guides for the players depicted.  The card back here says that Van Slyke's cards have "investment potential" since they're only priced a little more than commons.  I hope no one invested too heavily!  I love these little reminders of the way baseball cards were talked about back then.

The cards I sent in trade were posted the other day at Wrigley Wax.  This is only the second trade I've completed in the past year and a half since I rejoined the collecting world.  Thanks, Paul, for the chance to get a really odd card of one of my favorite Bucs!

Thanks for reading!

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