Saturday, June 29, 2019

Five cards 1962-1970

I have 3 binders for my collection.  My main binder which has most of my good/favorite cards.  My secondary binder has my small player collections and some of my favorite junk wax cards from my main period of collecting.  My third binder has mostly full-page sized items, such as signed photos and signed programs.  I'm not adding new pages, so I'm mostly not adding to the binders at this point.  But cleaning out some of my kid stuff from my mom's house, I found two unused binder pages.  So that's an opportunity to get a few more cards for the main binder.  And here are five such cards.
1962 Willie Mays All-Star.
First up we have the 1962 Topps Willie Mays All-Star card.  This is now my oldest Willie Mays by a few years, beating out my Nabisco Team Flakes card.
1962 AL Home Run Leaders.
1963 NL Home Run Leaders.
Just look at the assembled luminaries on these two home run leaders cards.  These two are a great way to get a bunch of early-60s sluggers in a small space in the binder.
Fergie Jenkins rookie card.
I don't care much for the 1966 Topps design and don't plan to get any more.  I always had a beat-up  Whitey Ford in my collection, but otherwise wasn't interested in 1966.  But I made an exception after seeing this card in another blogger's post at some point.  I had no idea that Hall-of-Famer Fergie Jenkins started out as a Phillie.    I think of him with the Cubs and Rangers of course; it turns out he also spent a little time in Boston.
1970 Topps Rod Carew.
And it's great to pick up an early Rod Carew.  This was his fourth regular Topps card and is now my oldest card of him.

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  1. Wow, lots of great vintage cards on the blog lately!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to finally show some of these.