Saturday, June 29, 2019

Five from 1960 Topps

Back when I was collecting in the late 80s and early 90s, I never had any 1960 Topps cards.  I'm not sure that I ever even saw any 1960 Topps.  Now that I have access to these, I love the design and couldn't help but pick up a few.
Curt Flood.
I got a 1959 Curt Flood as one of my first new cards when I restarted collecting in 2017.  Now I have the 1960 as well.   I appreciate Flood for his courageous, and costly, stand for players' labor rights, in addition to his near-2000 hits and 7 Gold Gloves.
Sandy Koufax.
This is now my best card of Sandy Koufax, by a million miles.  I posted a league leaders card I got previously, and that's fine, but this is awesome.  I don't even know what else to say about this one.
Don Drysdale.
Then we have fellow Dodger pitching great Don Drysdale.  I think this is my only good card of Drysdale.  Other than his pitching feats, I always remember Don Drysdale from that one episode of The Brady Bunch.
Robin Roberts.
I post a lot of Robin Roberts cards, since he was Dad's favorite growing up.  This is another good one.
Richie Ashburn.
And where I have Robin Roberts, I usually have Richie Ashburn.  Ashburn had left the Phils at this point, although I think he's still wearing the red pinstripes in this photo.  Roberts wouldn't be far behind, soon to join Baltimore.

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