Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Three Clementes and a Van Slyke

Just a quick post showing off four Pirate oddballs.
TCMA Clemente.
Nestle Clemente.
I want a bunch of Roberto Clemente cards in my collection, with two caveats: no cards calling him "Bob" rather than his name, "Roberto," and also no cards manufactured after 1994.  So I don't think there are that many to choose from.  But I picked up a couple more, this TCMA card of him from a 1960 Pirates set, and this logo-less Nestle card from the 80s.
Pacific Clemente.
Procter & Gamble Van Slyke.
I have many Pacific Legends cards, and used to buy them in wax packs when they were originally out.  But I never pulled a Clemente back then, it seems.  So I went out and got one now.  Then I decided to get another Andy Van Slyke oddball as well, since I was a fan back in the day.  I didn't ever know about this Procter & Gamble set in the 90s when it came out, and now it's the only card I have from it.  It looks very much of its time.

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