Sunday, August 18, 2019

1986 Dr. K Disc Offer

In the pile of stuff I got out of my mom's house, there was this, an offer for a Sportsflics disc of Dwight Gooden.  This would have been just after his amazing 1985 season in which he went 24-4 with a 1.53 ERA, with 16 complete games and 268 strikeouts.
Offer for a Dwight Gooden disc.
It's like a Slurpee disc without the Slurpee.  I wouldn't have called this offer sheet a baseball card, since it's on a sheet of paper, not cardstock.  Buy COMC has copies of this disc offer for sale, and on eBay, they have a PSA-graded version for sale.  COMC doesn't have any of the actual discs, but eBay does.  I think I'll pass, though.  COMC also has a Mattingly disc offer.
Back of the offer.
I'm sure I would have passed back then, too; actually, I guess I did, since I have the offer form but not the disc.  It's $4.99 (in 1986) for a single disc.  I thought 1986 was before the market had overheated, but I guess it was on its way if people were paying $4.99 for one Sportflics disc.

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  1. As a fellow 1980s kid, this post meets my approval. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have this one as well as the Mattingly. Were there any others?
    I'm actually not surprised there is a PSA graded version...goes to show they'll grade anything.

    1. I just ordered a box of 1986 Sportflics, so I'll see soon if I find any others, assuming these came in the packs.