Saturday, August 17, 2019

Two 1955 Bowman umpires

I love the 1955 Bowman set for its design and because it captures the last moments of baseball being confined to the northeast and the upper midwest/rust belt, more or less.  But one of the most popular features, of course, is the inclusion of umpires.  I have three of the umpires so far, and showed one, Bill Jackowski, already.  Here are the other two I have.
Larry Napp.
Larry Napp card back.
Larry Napp worked in the AL from 1951 through 1974.  He was at third base during Don Larsen's perfect game, and at first base for Catfish Hunter's perfect game.
John W. Stevens.
John W. Stevens card back.
John W. "Johnny" Stevens was an AL umpire from 1948 through 1971.  Notice the wide line spacing on the back of the card -- Bowman couldn't come up with much to say.  On both of these, they went out of their way to point out the umpires' ethnicities.  They didn't actually do this on all of the umpire cards, as a quick check of COMC shows no similar mention on Jocko Conlan's card back.  Maybe they needed more text and a short sentence about Napp being Italian and Stevens being Slovak made for a little less unused space.

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