Tuesday, August 13, 2019

One more 1992 Slurpee disc

I made a couple posts before of what I thought were all my Slurpee discs; I split them into my discs from 1992 and those from 1985-1991.  I also showed a 1982 Slurpee cups checklist I bought recently.  I grew up down the street from a 7-Eleven, and that's where I bought a huge number of my 1987 Topps cards when I started seriously collecting cards, in 6th grade.
1992 Slurpee Ryne Sandberg disc.
We moved out of that house in 1988, and I no longer had convenient access to Slurpees.  But by 1992 I was driving, and could get myself to a 7-Eleven.  So I have a bunch of 1992 discs. 

I got all my cards back from my parents' house a couple of years ago, and left behind some related stuff like wrappers and Donruss puzzle pieces.  I was going through that other stuff just recently and found this Sandberg disc had slipped in.  It's now back with the cards where it belongs.
Disc back.
The 1992 Slurpee discs are branded Score, while earlier ones may have been made by the same company but were unbranded.  I also bought some of my first Score cards at that same 7-Eleven, when they came out in 1988.

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