Saturday, November 23, 2019

1990 Bowman sweepstakes inserts

I posted my 1989 Bowman sweepstakes inserts the other day.  I have a bunch from 1990 as well, which feature current players drawn in the style of some old Bowman cards. 
Will Clark.
Sweepstakes card back.
The card back is the sweepstakes entry, with which you could have won a set of the lithographs.  The card backs also come with two varieties -- there's one small asterisk at the bottom left here, and the other version has two asterisks.
Mark Davis.
Gregg Olson.
I don't really remember Mark Davis, but he won the 1989 NL Cy Young award, after leading the NL with 44 saves.  His career continued through 1997, but he didn't have another notable season after that.  Gregg Olson was the AL Rookie of the Year in 1989.  The main reason I remember him is that I got his autograph at one of the shows that Dad and I went to back then.  Olson is the Orioles' all-time saves leader and is in the Orioles' Hall of Fame
Dwight Gooden.
Bo Jackson.
Then we have Dwight Gooden and Bo Jackson.  Gooden was amazing when he debuted but of course he didn't stay at his peak, with his problems.  In 1989 he went 9-4, only pitching in 19 games.  (There's an error and a corrected version of the Gooden, since the text on the card back originally had a missing line.  But I didn't check which verion I have.)  And Bo Jackson was a big deal until all of a sudden it was over.  In 1989, Jackson was an All-Star and finished 10th in the MVP voting, while leading the AL in strikeouts with 172.  He had a decent 1990 before things ended, more or less, in 1991 (of course he did come back briefly a couple of years later).
Bret Saberhagen.
Don Mattingly.
I've posted a bunch of Don Mattingly because he was such a staple of small sets back then.  It was unthinkable that he wouldn't end up in the Hall of Fame back then, but it's hard to tell who will have the staying power.  And I didn't follow Saberhagen closely since he was in the AL, playing with a team that wasn't in the postseason, but he was then a two-time Cy Young winner.
Nolan Ryan.
Kevin Mitchell.
Robin Yount.
I have all but one of this set, it turns out.  Here we have Nolan Ryan, Kevin Mitchell, and Robin Yount.  But the one I am missing is Jerome Walton of the Cubs, the 1989 NL Rookie of the Year.

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  1. I always loved these when I was a kid. The artwork is wonderful. I actually came into two copies of the Olson just today. I'll be showing them off in a future post.

  2. I'd forgotten about the 1990 sweepstakes offer. Today, the art would be much easier to produce using some Photoshop filters on the original photos, but back then you had artists taking the time to hand-paint them. Much more stylish.

  3. I completed this run of cards earlier this year. For sweepstakes cards they were incredibly well done.

  4. I have a full set if anyone is interested!